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Support De Mi Tierra's Growth Through Our Crowdfunding Campaign! 

Did you know that Latinas represent 19% of the beauty industry's revenue in the United States? We spend over 2 billion dollars every year on beauty alone (not including hair or makeup.) Yet Latinas have remained largely marginalized in skincare and beauty… and we have GREAT spending power.   


But here is the problem, many skincare brands have yet to market to us properly. Unfortunately, when you look at the current skincare and beauty market there aren’t any products that speak to our ancestral remedies with ingredients that are influenced by our roots and our culture. 

De Mi Tierra is here to create a culturally relevant brand in beauty.  A space where Latinas can see themselves represented in the skincare aisle. Click on the link above to learn more about our crowdfunding campaign.  There are some amazing rewards for you as a thank you for your contribution.  We appreciate your support!



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